Sunday, 24 August 2014

progress on the blue UFO shirt

I didn't get as much done yesterday (at the sewing guild group) because I hadn't bothered to change the overlocker thread & neaten the edges that I was going to need (sleeve hem, CB seam etc). I got the darts onto the correct side of the front right piece, and the other front darts sewn, along with the shoulder seams. The irons were busy so I didnt' move onto fusing the interfacing on the collar pieces/facing.

Today I started feeling twitchy - coming down from family drama stress levels mixed with the unusual situation of not dementedly sewing a new costume for the ACG annual ball next Saturday. I'm going to it, but re-wearing my Disney Cinder's Fairy Godmother.

It's a little odd to be honest - the lack of inspiration for a new costume. But that's how life works. I had ideas, but needed time to make all the right underwear. And they will need fitting help.

So today I got myself organised enough to change to blue thread, and did every edge I possibly could to make the next stage easier for me.

Not the first time I've used this fabric and pattern together. The first shirt was such a favourite of mine that I bought more fabric while it was available.

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