Tuesday, 19 August 2014

pattern giveaway

had to come home from work before lunchtime - gastro is going through work & myself! Slept a chunk of the afternoon and then spent a small amount of time in the storeroom, found some more things to donate to a charity shop, and some fabric & patterns for the fabric cave.

Does anyone in Australia want Butterick 5331 in multisize 14-16-18-20... not sure why I got it (think it was at my first sewing retreat) though I suspect it was for the collar. But I don't wear vests, not even pretty ones! If I hear by the end of August it's yours, otherwise the first Sunday in September, it goes to the Fabric Cave.

Also found the cut out regency bodice+sleeves - it was in the cascade, which I wasn't expecting. The cascade is back on top of the table ... and I'm sorting through culling things and putting them away. Grit my teeth & salvaged the zip from a dress I made and wore once. I kept kidding myself I could salvage the dress ... but can't. The rayon georgette just kept stretching, and the first time I wore it (to a wedding) what started out 1940s inspired ended up 1920s fugly with dropped waist and ankle length.

So put away, give away (craft vs ordinary charity shop), plus today's grocery bag of rubbish.


  1. I'll have that pattern.. :).... I could use that for work jackets!

    1. Sold to that woman {points to Cherie} I'll bring it with. I think I planned to put sleeves in it, but I know that it won't happen.