Friday, 5 September 2014

A distinct lack of sewing progress

I've not got any further with any sewing, though I did shop for fabric on my weekend away. I really need to post about the fabric & the costume event ... will get to that over the weekend.

Tonight I'm tryign to squeeze a trip to an art supply store between work & getting to a short film program of the Sydney Underground Film Festival. Someone I've worked with has her work screening tonight, and I'd really like to see it (Kookaburra) as I gave her some of my photos of the kookaburras that woke me up one morning.

At the art supply store I'm buying another roll of Whitetrace, for copying my vintage patterns & to use where my roll of sandwich paper isn't wide enough. the first roll I got is missing, possibly buried somewhere in my storage room, but the only spot it's likely to be is in the heap of things on the sofa. And I've rumaged to no avail. The roll I got first time around was the 46cm wide as it will fit on the Ikea Mala, a kids craft paper roll holder. As I took it out of that holder to take to a sewing guild meeting or 2 (may have left it behind by mistake??), I'm wondering if I should get the slightly wider 61cm as more usefull for wider pattern pieces, or altered pattern pieces. I'll have to decide in the next 3 hours, and then live with my decision. Cos either way I need to use it ASAP.

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