Saturday, 4 January 2014

not exactly a New Year's resolution

I don't really "do" NY resolutions, though sometimes I set myself a long term goal that's very achievable within a year. As a procrastinator sometimes a deadline is a useful thing to have.

In respect of sewing, I do want to end the year with fewer UFO projects - just as I did this year for the first time in ages. I'd like to tackle some of the historical & complete the real life ones.

I'm also aiming for a stashbusting target to end the year of 'only' 750m. I didn't make it to 800m by end of 2013, but I only missed out by 17m - pretty dang good.  I bought 60m of fabric but used/gave away 120m, and unlike last year where have my reduction was give-aways, this year only about 20m was.

As I've got lots of JAFA plans - 90% from stash, and a new skirt version of Ma Dola to make by August, also now stash fabric, and a wardrobe of Real Life clothing then I shouldn't have a major problem.

Other than JAFA and my stays/corset project I really need to focus on clothing for everyday, especially work.  I've gotten really slack at making them, and given my proportions (short, stout & boobular) it's almost impossible to find them to buy ready made.

I've never joined in Me Made May, because for most of my adult life every month has been Me Made. That gap was when I lived in London, and even then I eventually bought a 2nd hand sewing machine and made some clothing.


  1. Well, you definitely won't run out of things to do! :-)

    1. so very true :) I have all the things that I can do