Tuesday, 28 January 2014

4 days left to finish the skirt

Despite it being a long weekend, I did the tiniest bit of sewing. Saturday was domestic chores and schlepping across town to get a Hello Kitty mug and black glass bead long necklace. (This is the short version).

Sunday I slept til noon (like a teenager) and then did electronic housekeeping - backing up files, tidying up data folders before that.

Monday I slept til noon (so really must have needed it) and then I put my Big Girl Pants on and folded and [more unlikely] put away all the laundry I washed on Saturday. I put away all the costume books I'd pulled off the shelves, and stacked some library books to return on the way to the bus stop today.

Then I put all the copier-enlarged scale patterns and regency fashion plate printouts that I'd calculated design proportions on, into a bigger bundle than I expected.

And only then did I venture to the storeroom and collect bothy my ufo skirts & pattern pieces. The brown wool I put aside for later on, but the blue one got opened out for evaluation.

1) The 2 cut pieces (L & R fronts) are crumpled and need pressing.

2) The rest of the fabric is neatly folded

3) The back pattern piece needed altering to match the fronts (raising hip 2" cos I'm short with high hip padding).

I got #3 done but decided not to bring it to work to cut out. I've got til Friday night to finish it, and it's 3 seams, hem & waistband. I can do it

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