Monday, 18 July 2011

Dolores was smooth sewing - easy-peasy

Sunday morning I had to sew all of the collar, edge the strips for fabric bows and pop in some small shoulder pads.   My shoes weren't left long enough, that is I should have had them done several days before and not 24 hours in winter. ie cooler.  So a couple of spots the new colour has been damaged (they wanted to stick together if I'd left them).  I'll probably touch them up fairly soon.

Thinks I'm not happy with, the fabric 'relaxed' as I wore it so that it ended up wider than I would like.  A clue should have been that it ended up about 2-3" longer than it was drafted.  I'd realy aimed to have it proportionally the same length as Imelda Staunton's ensembles.

The group I made the costume for, met to have a photo shoot at Sydney's oldest university - lots of sandstone buildings. One of the rooms was open so we took the opportunity for a group shot.

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  1. Every time I try and sew anything I end up with part of it sewn back to front or inside out- and a migraine! It all looks fine to me :-)