Tuesday, 5 July 2011

the best of the shoes I've made

I designed, drafted, stitched & lasted them.  I also built up the lasts to fit my feet ... and my teachers were suprised how accurately I was able to mirror image the sanding - purely by eyeball.  Actually they were dead impressed, especially when I got out the tape measure and they were spot on.  It helps to be visually dominant.

These are the shoes I'm most proud of.  I mostly made sandals as it's almost impossible to buy them for my bricklike feet. I made a couple of disasters (wedge mules that were ugly fugly clumpen disasters and I only recently threw away).  Now I wish I'd taken decent photos of my sandals (all 11 of them) when they were shiny & new ...and before they'd had a few years of use.

another pic, just cos


  1. I love these shoes! And that was before it sunk in you made them yourself. Wow!

  2. aww thank you. I miss shoemaking, but I simply don't have space for the equipment to do it even half well.