Tuesday, 6 December 2011

getting to re-wear costumes at Bris'nova

I've not been at all productive, dodgy health is still to bet back to normal after 6 months of glandular fever in 2010.

So when I decided that I needed a mini break with friends in Brisbane, naturally it had to be for their bonus Supanova early in November. It was a great opportunity to wear costumes that are newer than my first (and only previous visit) to the north.

There were so many fantastic costumers - as ever - and it's so nice to not have to rush madly to finish something. I used to love deadlines, and they're still effective but I no longer cope with the adrenalin rush. It now makes me feel ill rather than excited. So it's great to have a wardrobe of costumes to raid.

There were quite a few Poison Ivy's (Val Kilmer was one of the major guests) and this is the best Poison Ivy costume that I've *ever* seen. Sexy and elegant.

A dodgy photo as it was my first outing with a new camera but I heart Monkey.

On Saturday I wore Dolores - not everyone recognised her either. But those that did loved it. I really wish I had a better wig, but at least my hair blended in with it more, so no obvious brunette edges with a pink wig.

Plus I got to squeee over my fave Amy Pond costume of the event.  Loved that she had a Jenny with her too.

On Saturday my friends were in these costumes (an anime character who's name I keep getting wrong Sabre something, and steampunk)

Sunday we went Disney.

Jane (from Tarzan)

and a group photo Left is Jane, Front :(can I remember the cheerleaders from Captain America movie),  Back: a fave aussie author Marianne de Pierres and Right: me in Cinderella's fairygodmother,

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