Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Tonight's pesky chore: grading the VPLL pattern

I really want to make the dresses while it's still summer, so today's sewing chore is to grade up this pattern to my size. Then I can do the alterations like FBA and shortening (including high hip) and see if I need to my traditional narrow shoulder alteration. Though if I play my cards right I can do the shortening incl high hip at the same time as I trace it off & grade.

I'm only going to trace the pattern pieces because I need to grade them, and I can do that as I trace rather than slashing & spreading and sticky taping it, and then doing the other alterations until it's a sticky taped hideous mess. Because I'm short, I'm only going to grade extra width and I realise that this technically no longer makes it grading.

So at long last I'll open & start to use my 49metre roll of 60cm (24") wide architects tracing paper.

EDITED TO ADD: Done, taking 45 minutes

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