Saturday, 1 December 2012

first step ticked - cutting out the hobbit skirts

I went to bed early cos I was so very tired, and I was suprised to I wake up far, far to early today.  But I was all twitchetty to cut out my hobbit skirts ... tube skirts are so easy!  That way I can take the left over pieces (for waistbands) to the shops to get thread instead of taking all the dyed yardage. I'm hoping one spool will blend with both fabrics, but hey whatevs. It's a blurry shot, but it's all you're getting at the moment :p

I'm going to see Hotel Transylvania this morning, meeting a friend and if I get to the shops early I'll get thread first, and if not after the movie.  It's due to be a stinky hot day, so I'll probably come home & practice napping in the arvo. Maybe sew a couple of seams :)   I also found some pale pink canvas in the stash that I can use as the boned base of my hobbit bodice. Must double check how many grommets to hand I have for the back, and maybe get some more cable ties

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