Monday, 9 January 2012

tick: enlarge pattern to original size of garment

Today I stayed a bit late at work and scanned & enlarged the pattern using Paint.

What I do is scan and save it as a jpeg.  Then I open the file using Paint.  Print it out once to work out the proportion I need to enlarge it and change that in Print Setup, as well as reduce the margins to as small as possible. Today I had to fine tune cos it was slightly too small - it came to 197.49%, and I went with 197 when 198 worked just fine.

I measure the scale over several inches (at least 3) just to make sure it's as close to accurately scaled as possible.

Came home & stared sewing the 1st regency chemise. Got about 1/3rd of the way and felt my energy plummet. So I stopped sewing before I made a silly mistake.

Tomorrow night I'll take the pattern pieces together & measure the waist & hip to see what they are.

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