Sunday, 15 January 2012

sooking over shoes

I've noticed a sudden increase in posts about the Astoria shoes .... and I'm a bit down in the mouth about them.  Not cos of the price, sheesh I'm used to paying way more than that for shoes.

I'm having a minor pity party cos my mutantly wide feet mean I'll never fit them. My body is an example of extreme ends of the bell curve, my huge tracts of land are way beyond the norm, even for huge tracts (I dress carefully to not enhance them), my bone structure is shetland pony stocky. Lady watches wouldn't go around my wrists even when I was the right weight.  Large hats are the only size that fit and I have shoes that are boxy flippers not elegant for displaying shoes.

Hmm reminds me I need to see about ordering some wide fit georgian shoes.

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