Sunday, 9 July 2017

Switching sewing and bed rooms on the horizon

I originally thought I could sleep in the small room & sew in the large one, but after being here 8-9 months I've completely changed my mind. The switch hasnt happened yet, partly cos there's still some unpacked boxes of sewing "stuff". Scary boxes of a mix of notions, unfinished projects and who knows what cos I shuddered and closed them. I need to put my big girl pants on and just start going through them.

I'll need to downsize from 5 to 4 single door cupboards for the fabric, and it works out as one got damaged in the move so lowest half is unusable anyway.  How I plan to decide what to get rid of is to work in reverse. I'll pick the top 10 in each fabric category, put them in the cupboards, then pick the next ten favourite in each category. Repeating until the cupboards are full, and what is left is the less loved pieces.

 The bench top i was going to add legs to for a sewing will be too long for the smaller room, so I'll soon visit IKEA and get the kids desk Pahl as it's height adjustable and the middle height is ideal for short me. It's 128cm by 58cm, so not quite the 140cm wide that I was going to get that would then also need adjustable legs. Getting it all in one is more affordable and simpler to assemble.

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