Thursday, 29 December 2016

An unexpected start to my holiday break

I'm trying to post once a week, and I was expecting to have some sewing content this week. Unfortunately I ended up in hospital on Boxing Day, thankfully only overnight. However I left with 2 different antibiotics plus a strong painkiler, and a letter to take to my doctor in 3-4 days. I'm seeing him tomorrow, and i'll be seeing the specialist in the hospital again in 6 weeks about managing a new chronic condition.

It could be much, much worse, and I'll be on the waiting list for a test to ensure its not masking anything worse.

I'm disappointed but can deal with it - especially compared to the big C, which wasn't excluded until the specialist examined the CT scans the next morning.

So much unwanted drama, and it's interfering with my holiday plan to finish the last unpacking and sew some pretty dresses. I'll get to that next week, though I suspect at a slow pace than I hope for.

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