Friday, 15 January 2016

Returning from an unplanned hiatus (aka blogging break)

2015 wasn't the best year ever, and some of those reasons lead to me taking an unplanned break from writing any posts ... even when I had things to share. I'm putting notes in a 2016 happiness jar so that on the less pleasant days I can look back at the good things of this year.
I'm motivated to do some non-costume related sewing - I have existing deadlines for costumes and seem to leave real life clothing on the side burner.
I really prefer wearing dresses in summer - and some wrap dresses in winter too. Plus I have plenty of fabric and patterns.  I look back and remember wearing dresses all the time, and can't quite figure out why I stopped making them for so long. 
So I'm hoping to keep myself productive and motivated by setting my own challenge for the year - making a new real life dress each month this year.
First up was going to be my new strawberry print fabric, which I thought will be made in a 70s retro pattern I bought on ebay about 3 years ago. BUT yesterday the eternal magpie within within spotted another 50s mail order pattern on The Ebay so bid for it and won it today. Now I'll have to wait for it to fly across the pacific to my grabby hands before I can use it for the strawbs print.
So, now I have to select another fabric and pattern for January.

ummmmmm, I need to put my thinking hat on.


  1. Ooooh. Very pretty pattern. I've taken to whipping up some regular clothing myself this month - just while the costuming side of things is a little light on.

    1. It ticked all the boxes as soon as i saw it .... but now I've only got 2 weeks to work some magic. And no set idea